WaluSeasons covers are designed to protect your pool and facilitate maintenance. Our covers ensure maximum safety for children and pets and protect your pool from pollution during the fall and winter seasons.

WINTERNETS with tensioning system FIX


Due to their light weight, of about 400 g/m2, our winter nets are very easy to install and remove. They let the rainwater through while you retain impurities. For more flexibility in installation, you can choose between 4 different mounting systems.

WINTERNETS - Color choices

Our WaluSeasons winter net is available in the following colors:

 Odoo • Ein Bild mit einer Bildunterschrift

Protective tarpaulin for slat cover SLAT PROTECT


SLAT PROTECT is the ideal complement to an above-ground or below-ground roller shutter. The protective tarpaulin is made to the pool's internal dimensions and attached directly to the slat cover. SLAT PROTECT effectively protects against the deposition of dirt, leaves or pine needles on the shutter curtain and thus prevents soiling and discoloration of the slats.

SLAT PROTECT - Color choices

Our WaluSeasons SLAT PROTECT cover is available in the following colors:

 Odoo • Ein Bild mit einer Bildunterschrift

WINTERPLANE with FIX tensioning system

3 years warranty and 100kg load capacity according to safety standard NF P90-308

Our opaque winter tarpaulins offer you safety and efficient protection to keep the pool clean and prevent algae development. For more flexibility during installation, you can choose from 4 different tensioning systems. 

WINTERPLANE - Colors choices

You can choose from the following colors for our WaluSeasons winter tarp:

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