Fire and water - the synergy of the elements

Whether it's a balmy summer evening or a cold winter evening, our OFYR Outdoor Kitchen is the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

What makes the grill an outdoor kitchen? Yes, you are right, it looks like a grill and basically it is one. BUT not only. An OFYR can be used not only for grilling, but also for cooking or baking, depending on the accessories and attachments. So you can prepare everything your heart desires with just one device, from appetizers to desserts. 

Perfect for any season

Of course, when you think of barbecue, the first thing that comes to mind is rather the warm, sunny summer. But due to the light and the extensive ambient heat generated by the fire of an OFYR, this grill, is also ideally suited for cozy winter evenings with hot punch or tea.

 Authentic taste, without compromise

In the cone of the OFYR burns a wood fire that heats the cooking plate plancha style. This cooking technique is characterized by its purity: There is no direct contact with the flames and embers, so food can not absorb harmful fumes from the burnt fat.

Thanks to the unique conical design and the shape of the pre-curved plate, different temperature zones are created, making the hotplate suitable for any type of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables or fruit. When using vegetable oil, leftovers and fatty juices can be automatically transferred to the flames in the center, which then also results in a bonus show element by an additional flame. The hotplate itself does not absorb any flavors in the process and does not pass any on to the food.

The indirect contact with the fire, as well as the perfectly balanced heat penetration, brings out the true flavor of your grilled food and provides a whole new, original taste experience - without the need for sauces and spices.