The one piece pools from LPW Pools with a classic and modern design will fit well into and integrate smoothly in almost any setting. LPW Pools offers different models created and designed to meet every need and budget. They use vinyl ester material in every layer combined with a honeycomb insulation to minimise heat loss.

LPW Pools was founded in 1962 and has since then continue to grow. Over 55 years of experience, innovation and quality at your service.

All models are guaranteed for a lifetime against blistering.

High quality

All models are one-piece swimming pools and are produced using a completely automated system, according to a set of technical specifications. They undergo stringent checks from the start of the production until the pool leaves the factory. This traceability provides us the history and composition of the product.


The walls are made up out of successive layers of composite vinyl ester material reinforced with glass fibre and consolidated by a 15mm honeycomb structure. This reinforced structure gives the strength that the self-supporting assembly needs and ensures good insulation of the walls and the bottom of the pool.

Customer satisfaction

Our partner focus on customer satisfaction is central. An excellent customer service and relationship will help you enjoy of your pool for a lifetime.


By choosing an LPW pool you can be sure to enjoy a lifetime warranty on the pool shelf.

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 The shell of the vinyl ester LPW Pool is composed of six layers, each of which contribute to its strength and durability

  1. ISO NPG Gel Coat

  2. Vinyl ester resin + glass fibre

  3. Vinyl ester resin + glass fibre

  4. Honeycomb (15 mm)

  5. Vinyl ester resin + glass fibre

  6. Top Coat in vinyl ester resin