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Badu Speck Pumps

Make sure you swim in a hygienic environment. The filter pump is designed to remove dirt and bacteria from the pool and guarantees the durability of your bathing pleasure.

The BADU PRIME filter pump can be installed up to a maximum of 3 m above or below the water level.


Pool technology: Circulation pump
Pool size in m3: 90 - 210
Inlet-suction connection: 75
Outlet connection pressure connection: 75
Rec. Inlet / outlet pipe, PVC pipe Input power: 75/75 Consumed power / output power: 2.00 / 1.50
Rated current: 8.80
Power: 1 ~ 230 volts & mp;nbsp;


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The filter is connected to the circulation system with the motor and the pump. This filter with the Dresden 3 filter technology effectively minimizes the energy and water consumption of your pool system as well as the need for chemical disinfectants. The Dresden 3 meets all the requirements for modern swimming pool filters and is easy to use.


DRESDEN³ filter container (Ø600) made of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin. With a large 300 mm service opening at the top, with built-in nozzle cross, drain cock with hose connection, pressure gauge and manual venting

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Behncke Back Wash Valve   

6-way valve set with container piping for containers from 2016

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AFM® - Dryden Aqua   

AFM® (Activated Filter Media) is a direct replacement for sand in sand filters and is the result of 35 years of Research & Development. We only use green and brown recycled glass to manufacture AFM®. Only this glass contains the metal oxides that are needed in the raw material to produce a bioresistant filter material. The glass is washed, broken, sieved and finally refined in a 3-stage activation process. This enables us to achieve bioresistance as well as the unique adsorption and filtration performance of AFM®. 


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