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Belgian manufacturer focussed on providing the best product by professional pool builders. These pools are constructed from high quality German polypropylene copolymer (PPC). The panels are 10 mm thick and resistant to frost, osmosis and chemicals. These ultraviolet-resistant panels meet the strict, high ISO and DIN standards. Polypropylene does not release harmful substances or microplastics into the water as they have been extensively tested. They are 100% recyclable and can therefore still be very useful after their service life as a swimming pool.

Flexline offers a 30-year guarantee on the watertightness of the panels, against cracks and breakages.  


Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and UV rays.

Fast installation

Simple installation proces in just a few days

Low maintenance

Flexline swimming pools are designed to be easy to clean.

Made to measure

Our pools are built according to your wishes


These pools have visual skimmers under the edge to catch all debris. Water level is up to 3cm below the edge of the pool and is fitted with a standard filter system. The only loss of water happens naturally through evaporation. With this type of pool you can choose whether you want to have a visible edge or an edgeless finish.

Odoo • Text and images
Odoo • Text and images

Mirror/ Overflow

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility as the crystal-clear waters appear to blend seamlessly with the horizon, creating an illusion of boundless beauty. Water is collected in a water tank,  filtered and redistributed through inlets. Overflow or mirror effect is created because the pool seems to be full and it goes over all the edges of the pool, resulting in a mirror-like view. It’s always the same water being filtered in and out of the pool, so no loss of water happening here. A big advantage is that water circulates faster and better, providing cleaner water and superior heat regulation.


Dive into pure bliss with our exquisite infinity pools, where the water meets the sky in a seamless, breathtaking vista. As you take a dip, you'll feel like you're floating on the edge. The choice remains yours if you want one, two or three infinity edges.  It’s a great fit for sloping gardens or gardens with a big hill.

Odoo • Text and images
Odoo • Text and images

Natural Pool/Biopool

Escape to nature's embrace with our natural pools, a pristine oasis nestled in your garden. This chemical-free, eco-friendly haven offers a refreshing and pure swimming experience. The natural pool has a balanced ecosystem (plant zone) keeping the water naturally clean. Because of this plant based system, these natural pools can’t be covered or heated. Biopools use biological filtration technology to purify the water (not chemicals) and don’t need any plant zone. 

Flexline pools to match your taste

Design of steps: your way to enter the pool


This design involves straight narrow corner steps. You can choose to have it only in one corner or in both. Do you want to have a bigger first step for more comfort? Choose the Pure Plus, the first step measures 1m instead of 30cm. Looking for a double entry? Everything is possible! Pure double or Pure Plus Double.

Sie können wählen, ob Sie die Stufen nur in einer Ecke oder in beiden Ecken anbringen möchten. Möchten Sie eine größere erste Stufe für mehr Komfort haben? Wählen Sie den Pure Plus, hier misst die erste Stufe einen Meter statt 30 Zentimeter.


A wide staircase across the entire width of the pool, with each step measuring 30/60. Looking for more space? Choose the Excellence Plus, the first step of this staircase measures 1m instead of 30cm.


Angled corner steps. They are visually very sleek and take up little space. If you’re wanting a little bit more space, go for the Slash Plus, where the first step can measure a lot more, you choose the measurements!


Having an area where to sit and lay back is always the better choice. You can have an underwater bench added to the design of your chosen steps. You can fully choose the width of your plage, even in which direction of your pool, long or short side.

Full steps or floating

It might seem that floating steps are not supported, but rest assured, it's just an optical illusion. After confirming your staircase, you can have it with floating steps or with full steps. It's up to you!

Timeless White

A clean crisp and fresh appearance. The bright white surface reflects sunlight and surroundings, making the water look inviting and refreshing.

Sophisticated Grey

This elegant outcome gives your pool a luxurious aspect. It creates a dramatic contrast with the surroundings, making it a focal point of your outdoor space. 

Versatile Grey

A modern and elegant look. It perfectly complements various architectural styles and outdoor designs, contributing to a sophisticated and inviting outdoor space.

Deep Anthracite

This unique stylish finish adds depth and dimension to your pool with a captivating effect, especially when paired with underwater lighting. Best choice for those looking to create a minimalist and upscale pool design.

Configure your pool

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