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Integrated design

La Plage 10

LA PLAGE 10.  

La Plage 10,  a swimming pool with an underwater 'Plage'.

Same features as the La Plage 9, La Plage 11 and La Plage 12, introducing a straight design, the first step transforms into an underwater bench. This model has its stairs built on the opposite side in reference with La Plage 9 and La Plage 11.

It's a perfect pool suitable for every garden, with 10m in length and 4m in width. Ideal for every type of environment outdoors or why not as an indoor pool?

We have 11 models awaiting for you.
The one piece pools from LPW Pools with a classic and modern design will fit well into and integrate smoothly in almost any setting.  LPW Pools offers different models created and designed to meet every need and budget.